13 Amazon Running Products You Don’t Know About, But Should

We all know that I’m an uber saver. Not like the car, but like I’m seriously in to finding ways to maximize my dollars because that means more money for runcations and let’s be honest running shoes. But Amazon Prime Day for running gear is a time I can’t pass up.

The fabulous news is that some running gear could make your life easier, save you money by extending the life of your gear, making your runs more enjoyable so you do them more, which we all know means better health!

Amazon Prime Day for Runners

Amazon Prime Benefits

I’m not trying to sell you on a prime membership, you probably already know if you’ll benefit from no minimum spends, faster shipping, access to early sales. But one of the things that we have used a TON is Amazon Prime Music.

Prime Day is your chance to get extra deals as a member:

Why I pay for Prime?

Besides the shipping…

I can actually download music for free. Then on race day, I’ll set my phone to offline and it will use those songs without me having any worries about needing cell service or using up data! This was such an eye opener on a few races where we go through tunnels, lots of high rises or canyons.

Either way, I’d take advantage of the free 30-day trial now or ohhh say around the holidays to get your SHIZNIT on time! Plus, they now partner with Whole Foods and have been sending me a $20 coupon just to place an order, which meant post Ultramarathon I could lay in bed and order my food.

Cyber Monday Runday

I’ll be sending out special discounts on all Run To The Finish ebooks and even some coaching one’s, so if you aren’t on the email list you better do that ASAP!!!

In the meantime, get ready to embrace Amazon Prime Day deals and then I’ll let you know if they do something awesome for Black Friday like they did last year ($300 off the Garmin Fenix!).

Amazon Running Gifts

You know it’s my mission to test out loads of gear and find the best things, but sometimes I also love just finding the things that aren’t already on your radar!

I’ve told you about GPS watches and running socks, but what else could you be missing out on??

Mark these items so you can double check them for extra deals on Prime Day or just add them to your own wish list for the next time someone asks you about a runner gift idea!

1. Red Light Therapy Devices

joint pain reliefI remember a few years ago having a chiropractor use this tool on my ankle a few days prior to a race and it felt dramatically better. Honestly, who knows if it was time or the therapy…but I’m open to anything! In the least scientific way possible, I’ll describe it as the wavelengths of the red light reaching your cells to increase ATP, which reduces cellular stress and allows healing to be kick started.

Pain free, can help with both muscle repair and collagen production, there are as always a HUGE spectrum of choices, but I think the one’s that are closer to medical grade. If I’m going to save on going to a DR then it needs to actually work!

2. Stasher Resealable Snack Bags

snack bagIf you’ve taken my advice to try using more whole foods on your long runs, that means you’ve also realized you need a way to carry them. I LOVE this product because it means we aren’t creating waste with disposable bags each week and I absolutely know when it’s closed, it’s closed! Now I’m doing the environment good and ensuring nothing valuable goes flying out.
They have a variety of sizes, so you could get them for sandwiches or whatnot, but the small size is great for our little energy balls or even when I’m taking just a couple of pieces of an energy bar with me.

3. Massage Guns

By now you’ve seen the LARGE tools that people are shelling out over $400 to beat their muscles to a pulp in hopes of better recovery.

And in fact, I did a review of a bunch of affordable massage guns earlier this year. It turns out I LOVE having one at home and you don’t need to spend big bucks to get a great massager! DO NOT GO SUPER CHEAP, but you can save a lot.

4. Better than Protein Powder: Essential Amino Acids

amino acids for runners

By now you know that I’m always working to stay on top of my protein.

It’s been key in my comeback after knee surgery, helped me drop body fat and retain muscle. A few recent studies have got me thoroughly intrigued by the idea of using Essential Amino Acids instead of protein powder, so this is now on my list!

This particular brands is supremely high quality, which is always a requirement for any supplement to ensure you’re getting what you need.

Useful for anyone putting in high mileage, recovery from any injury or trying to drop body fat as a distance runner. — LEGIT studies to back all of this up.

5. Air Purifying Bags for Shoes and Gym Bags

hide shoe smellNothing is worse that pulling out my trail running bag to find a misplaced sock has created a whole new level of stank. Or to be honest, getting near my husbands shoes after he finishes a run. Solution charcoal bags!

6. Green Bags

Ordered a fresh set of these last week!

store vegetablesOne of the things that happens as you start to run more is you start buying more and more produce! Maybe it’s for a green smoothies, maybe you just got sucked in at the Farmer’s Market.

Either way, nothing is worse than having is spoil because you didn’t get to it quick enough.

Enter a product I started using a decade ago in Miami! It legit helped me to keep things fresher for so much longer, which meant I could stock up happily on strawberry sales!

7. Hex Sport Spray

deodorize running gearEver have a running shirt you pull on and within minutes start looking around to find out who smells…then you try to slyly check and realize it’s you! But the shirt was just washed, what the heck?!
Enter a spray that gets used on my gear each time I toss it in the basket to hang out for a week before I bother washing it! Not only does it deodorize, but it creates a barrier that will prevent future bacteria from taking hold and creating any smells.

8. Mylar Blankets

runner blanketTired of needing to find throw away gear for every start line or finishing to find yourself chilled to the bone now that you’ve stopped? Good news, you can plan ahead with the Mylar blankets that they used to so often provide at finish lines!

I have no idea why this woman needs hers on a bright sunny day, but let’s assume she’s sweaty and trying not to catch a cold!

9. A Freaking Runner Plaque

runner plaqueAre you kidding me?! I could make an award for myself, I mean for a friend?! And it’s got a runner on it already…oh man really the possibilities are endless with the customization and someone should definitely expect me to send this.

10. Side Sleeper Knee Pillow

Did you know that if you sleep on your side it could be contributing to the hip pain you feel while running?! (Check out these running facts if you’re in the learning mood.) Yup, years ago my chiro taught me to put a small pillow between my knees and the difference was almost instant in relieving all kinds of issues.

In fact, David started doing it shortly after and never looked back. Imagine a small change in how you sleep making a big difference in how you feel on the run!

11. Moisturizing Foot Mask

at home pedicureListen there is no shame in our calloused feet because we worked hard to turn these puppies in to machines that can take a pounding. But still…flip flop season or even pulling on heels for a night out can make you wish things felt a little better.

My friend Jessica introduced me to this idea as a way to give our feet a little peel that’s not too intense and saves me from going in to a pedicure to have them scrape away all my callouses! It’s like a middle ground!

12. No Fridge Needed Smoothies

lasting smoothieI was extremely skeptical of this idea, but it has turned out to be something that I am totally behind. The Naturgel Smoothies are perfect to throw in my trail bag and know that when I finish running hours from being home to quality food, I can immediately get in some nutrition.

The taste is NOT to heavy on the greens (I don’t care for that) and it’s got a solid amount of protein. So this take anywhere, high quality nutrition find is on my list. They also make small gels that you could use for running, but for me personally the greens taste was too intense.

12. Lifestraw Filter On The Go

on the go water filterAfter talking with the guys at OR, I realized how little I was actually getting out of the Lifestraw that I have sitting in a cabinet. I thought “oh might be nice when we camp”. But NO, it would be so handy on even a long trail day because you dip it in the water and are ready to drink! YES, just that simple.

It eliminates bacteria and filters out all kinds of other good stuff, which means that if you’re traveling to say Mexico and worried about the water…no more! Just take the normal water bottle you’d want on the plane anyways. You can fill this up and you’ll have clean water without buying bottles the whole trip!

Need more running gift ideas?

If these creative Amazon running gifts aren’t doing it for ya, then here are some more traditional ideas to get your shopping done.

Any other, out there running products we need to know about??

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