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  • Every dog ​​needs a home

    I was amazed by this dog Rex because he treated my dogs very gently when he came to visit me. They seemed to get along really well. I wanted to know more about Shiba Inu. I had to research a little more about this dog breed. I asked my brother because he owns 2 of […]

  • How to help your cat and dog get along

    Many people love both dogs and cats. They think they can’t have both pets at home because dogs and cats don’t usually agree. With proper socialization, dogs and cats can live in harmony. Here are some tips to help your dogs and cats get along well. When bringing a cat or dog home with an […]

  • Advantages of using a dog stroller

    Having a pet is a huge responsibility. Of course, pet owners have to do many tasks to meet the needs of their pets, especially dogs. Pet owners need to spend time playing with their pets. Bathing and even walking are also important tasks. It is also necessary to bring pets to the pet clinic. However, […]

  • 5 Things You Should Know Before Breeding Cats

    The cat population is astronomical. Most experts agree that average cat owners should spawn their cat, not breed it. There are still people who want to have their pet litter. But there is a lot to think about before planning a cat family. There are five things you should know: 1. It takes time. You […]

  • Eight interesting facts about cat paws and claws

    Cats have been among us for thousands of years and we have learned a lot about our feline friends. Feet and paws may only look like physically functional fragments of a cat’s anatomy, but below are eight facts that may surprise you and interest you. Cats are digital commerce Cats are called digital letters. Simply […]

  • Raising a puppy? 4 Tips for Healthy, Happy Dogs

    Dogs are not only wonderful additions to the family, they are a lot of work. They need everything from leash training to healthy eating and daily walks. For example, did you know that many dogs considered pets suffer from malnutrition and obesity? Likewise, behavioral problems such as aggression, peeling, biting or shaking furniture are associated […]

  • Popular

    8 superstitions about cats that may surprise you

    Our mysterious feline friends have been respected, feared, loved and hated for thousands of years. Many superstitions have been created around the alleged good or bad success that cats can bring. Below are eight superstitions centered on this success. Never joke with a black cat Also, this is not a very pleasant thing, but it […]

  • 4 Poisonous food for dogs

    Despite the extraordinarily strong stomachs that can usually help solve what is pulled out of the litter box, there are many things that are toxic to the dog and can even be deadly if consumed. Many of them are not only human food but also items that appear around your home that you would not […]

  • Essential oils for anxious dogs

    No doubt … people love their dogs. They are not just an animal or a pet, they are well-loved members of our family. When a dog has anxiety, it is rude to humans. Veterinarians have a variety of prescription medications for dog anxiety, but many people are looking for natural ways to help their pets […]

  • Intuitive Animal Medicine and Intuitive Animal Diagnosis and Treatment

    If you are an animal lover, you think animals and pets are human too. Therefore, if a person can turn to medical intuition, why shouldn’t an animal have medical intuition? The good news is, there is! Animal medicine intuitively uses the same methods that medical intuitive drugs use in humans. An animal body scan is […]

  • Tips For Entertaining Pet Cats

    Most cat lovers are supporters of interactive play with their pets. But many of them cannot be around all the time. There are definitely ways to let your friends have fun, but be safe when you can’t be there to look after them. Accept a friend Contrary to other people, cats are not alone. These […]

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