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  • Intuitive Animal Medicine and Intuitive Animal Diagnosis and Treatment

    If you are an animal lover, you think animals and pets are human too. Therefore, if a person can turn to medical intuition, why shouldn’t an animal have medical intuition? The good news is, there is! Animal medicine intuitively uses the same methods that medical intuitive drugs use in humans. An animal body scan is […]

  • Tips For Entertaining Pet Cats

    Most cat lovers are supporters of interactive play with their pets. But many of them cannot be around all the time. There are definitely ways to let your friends have fun, but be safe when you can’t be there to look after them. Accept a friend Contrary to other people, cats are not alone. These […]

  • How To Deal With A Dog Attack

    You stroll through the park and an unfamiliar dog crosses your path. The dog starts to cry and gnaw, and then suddenly it jumps and attacks you. Your response in that split second may be the difference between whether you are walking unharmed or that you are overwhelmed by the dog. Maybe even the difference […]

  • Wooden Dog Sheds – Where to Put Your Dog Home

    Whether dogs actually choose a wooden dog house or other material is unclear, however, the most versatile dog house is made of wood, just like our house! Most small dogs live inside, so a small dog house is usually not a problem. Medium-sized and large dogs usually live outdoors in their wooden dog house. Most […]

  • Short facts about Siamese cats

    Siamese cats are a very beautiful, intelligent and playful breed of cat. They can interact with their peers and enjoy spending time with them. They can be easily recognized by their different body types and fun personalities. Siamese cats have a wide range of skin colors and markings. Let’s look at more interesting facts about […]

  • Cat Psychology – Is My Cat Happy?

    As cat owners, we worry that our cats are happy and want to do everything we can to make them so. One of the best ways to make sure your cat is happy is to understand their body language and signs of happiness to give you confidence and help you spot any problems. Signs of […]

  • Large breeds of dogs

    Living with an active, large breed of dog can be an exceptionally rewarding experience. However, while a large breed of dog can become ideal for many people; potential owners need to be well aware of a wide variety of circumstances, including health issues and the reduced life span of countless large breeds of dogs. Let’s […]

  • Cat Separation Anxiety: What Are The Causes, Signs And Possible Treatment?

    Although studies of cat separation anxiety are only in the initial stages of understanding, many have noticed signs. I will tell the story of my two cats, Bubba and Charlie. Charlie was my future wife’s cat for 4 years. About 6 years ago when we moved in, Charlie was estranged and at least avoided me. […]

  • Love animals? Play Free Zoo Games Online!

    Anyone who loves animals can enjoy free zoo games online. Free zoo games will give you the chance to enjoy animal fun at the zoo, where you will meet amazing animals of all kinds and leave your wild side. What are free zoo games? Zoo games take place at the zoo (obviously) and introduce you […]

  • Persian cat personality and behavior

    General description Persian cats are a beautiful, social and harmless pet. It is also called Iranian Cats or Shirizi Cats. The scientific name for this pet is Felis catus. The Persians have a silky shiny coat, a round face, shiny eyes and long hair all over the body. Cats are generally known for their calm […]

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