4 Poisonous food for dogs


Despite the extraordinarily strong stomachs that can usually help solve what is pulled out of the litter box, there are many things that are toxic to the dog and can even be deadly if consumed. Many of them are not only human food but also items that appear around your home that you would not normally expect a dog to eat. Here is a list of things you should try to keep safe or away from your dog.

Human food

While dogs can consume a lot of human food and digest it well, there are some that they should not eat. These include chocolate, onions, certain cereals, garlic, alcohol, and some other foods are careful to feed pork. Certain foods contain chemicals (such as chocolate theobromine) and acids such as onions, which can cause gas and digestive problems up to liver and pancreas issues. Although a small amount will not necessarily kill your dog, it will not do him any good, so it is best to try to protect him and other items.


Of course, any drug can be dangerous to dogs. As with children who do not know anything better, a dog can get into medicine if it is lost or thrown into the bin. Some dogs may just chew the bottle when it breaks, causing them to accidentally swallow. Always keep medicines, even antacids and pediatric medicines, securely in a tall, inaccessible cabinet.



Many domestic plants and shrubs are also poisonous to dogs. Crayfish sometimes yawn in the green when the grass is outside, trying to get the stomach up. However, some of these plants have toxins that can cause canine disease. The most common plants are ferns, daffodil bulbs, lilies and dracaena. There are also some garden plants that can grow outdoors, such as ivy / vines, yew, foxes, onions and tomato plants. It is a good idea to read what could harm your dog.

Household cleaners

You wouldn’t normally expect a dog to get into your household cleaning products, but having a brightly colored plastic bottle and keeping it in a low cabinet under the sink can cause your dog to confuse them with toys and start playing and chewing. Any substance containing chemicals is extremely harmful, especially bleach, and anything such as a sewer or oven cleaner is deadly. If you suspect your dog has been playing with anything (the signal mark would be tooth marks on the bottle), you should call your vet and animal poison control to get advice and help. It can mean the difference in his life when it comes to household cleaning products.

Dogs, like kids, can easily get in trouble and usually find anything you didn’t want them to do! Therefore, you should always protect your home from dogs before entering a dog and just keep in mind common sense by keeping things safe and out of reach! But even then, they can still penetrate and swallow what they shouldn’t, so always be aware.

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