8 superstitions about cats that may surprise you


Our mysterious feline friends have been respected, feared, loved and hated for thousands of years. Many superstitions have been created around the alleged good or bad success that cats can bring. Below are eight superstitions centered on this success.

Never joke with a black cat

Also, this is not a very pleasant thing, but it is considered that chasing a black cat can succeed. According to the superstition, a woman who once drove a black cat out of her door has lost twenty-three relatives. over the years.

If you forget to pat the cat

Have you ever forgotten to feed your cat? Apparently this means it will be raining on Wednesday.

If you accidentally missed your kitten’s feeding time, you can tilt your head about Wednesday’s rainfall, as it was said that the rain is already on if the cat’s whispering disappears!


Homeless Cat Barbell

If you find that a stray cat is following you, then be content … that’s a sign of success.

Make sure you don’t

The superstition states that it is not easy to climb on a cat and that rheumatism will develop on the cat, which kills the cat.

Step per the cat was also involved in bringing failure.

Dreaming about cats?

Yes, there are even superstitions about cats in dreams!

Allegedly, if you find dreams about tabby then it will bring success to your home by dreaming about turtle shell cat means you’re lucky enough to fall in love and if you want to hit the jackpot financially or in business then you were told to dream of ginger cat is the way!

Cats on the high seas

Seafarer superstition, which has been going on for years, is a success if you have a cat on the ship. Given the potential infestation of rats in old sailboats, it is understandable that our buddy friends were seen as lucky.

Wedding Day – Success

It’s a sign that a marriage must be happy if the cat sneezes next to the bride on her wedding day.

Cats and cold weather

If a cat is lying down on all four of its paws while sleeping, it is said to be a sign of cold weather approaching.

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