A journey home with pets


You want to be able to take it with you,

But sometimes they have to stay away.

It’s really hard to travel when your family’s family can’t come.

The good news is that you do not have to be completely set aside for the holidays or business travel.

Talking to animals works very well whether you are sitting with your pet or both are thousands of miles apart.

The summer holiday season is about to begin and your animals may wonder if their family will disappear again this year.

Do you tell them about your vacation plans?

How long will you be gone?

How will they spend their time resting?

Who will take care of them?

How soon will you be back?


Animals are better off mentally, emotionally and sometimes even physically when they know what their plans are.

Because they love you, they want to know about your journey as well.

Where are you going?

What will you do here?

When are you coming back?

Will you think of me until you disappear?

Most of our animals know that sometimes we need a vacation, but if they can’t be with you on the trip, they will feel more involved when you share the details.

And it reassures them that they are aware of the routine you have done for them while you were leaving.

Setting expectations lowers or eliminates any anxiety or stress they may feel.

You can tell them these things yourself, but if you do not learn how to communicate with animals, they may not understand everything and will not be able to ask the questions they are most concerned about.

Once you go on a journey, you can still have a professional animal communication session if you need it.

  • Signing up for a long journey helps you and your animals feel more in a relationship.
  • If you have a crisis that is delaying your return or affecting the welfare of your pet, a professional animal communicator can talk to you over the phone and talk telepathically to your pet (s), even if you are still traveling.

For one of my clients, the situation arose very recently while she was traveling.

My client was on a business trip to the US and her cat was at home in Holland. The cat is a teenager and has some health issues.

My client left him very cared for but the heat wave in the Netherlands affected his overall health.

What a relief I felt for both my client and her cat when I was having a session that allowed me to talk through me.

This calmed them down and comforted them.

So keep in mind that traveling with your pet is as close as a phone call to an Animal Communicator.

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