Animals are more comfortable than humans


Even after all the years of evolution, one thing remains: animals love better than humans. We consider ourselves at the top of the food chain. But the animal kingdom still surpasses us in many ways. These wonderful creatures, many of us underestimate, can teach us so much.

Is it really possible to love an animal better than a human? What about your dog, cat or other pet? Do animals have the ability to feel, care for us and have emotions?

Not only do animals love us, they are also able to feel emotions and express love for one another. While they may convey this in different ways, the love aspect is quite obvious when you look at them. The connection they make shows that they can experience many of the same emotions that people experience.

But so many people are still cruel and insensitive to animals and greedily destroying their lives or habitats. Still, most wildlife will leave us alone. I don’t hate people, but needless to say I often choose an animal company. And I’m really sorry that people don’t behave the way they do.

“There are more dangerous people on earth than dangerous animals.” – Anthony Douglas Williams

Animals love better

Animals love you unconditionally no matter what; sure when that happens to our pets! No matter how you currently feel, your pet is always there for you. Regardless of your appearance or mood, they are and will always love you.

So, animals are often more caring than humans. They have more personality, honesty, empathy and loyalty than most people I know. And that’s what family really is, isn’t it? Our pets have no greed and mischief, they just love to give. And then we call them animals.

And yes, I’m just more comfortable being near animals than being near humans. Let me ask you this: “How many people in your life have you felt frustrated and betrayed? I can remember so much, but I’ve rarely felt that way with an animal. So animals love you in a more real way.

“If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better than most people.” – James H.


Learn life from animals

One of the things I like best about animals is how much I learn from them every day. You can never know absolutely everything about any creature on earth. Animals have endless and immeasurable qualities. They are an infinite yet pleasant wonder of nature. On the other hand, unfortunately, you can learn more about some of the people you want in just minutes.

From an early childhood, I love and respect animals. They are never deceitful, insolent, cunning, manipulative or mischievous unless they are severely provoked or in nature. Animals love and too often forgive humans for their indescribable behavior. Also, they will never try to hunt people simply for fun, but many people find it a sport. It hurts!

And animals have incredible intuition. They can feel everything about you, from the disease to the emotional state and when you are not paying attention. Dogs even know when you are lying to them. So, it’s no wonder that these incredible creatures are considered our best friends for the last ten thousand years.

The connection of eternal love

The bond you create with animals is unbreakable, which is often not the case with humans. The more time you spend with the animal, the more connections you make and the relationship with time grows. And this sharing of yours becomes so sweet and shows that animals love better than humans.

Unconditional attachment becomes worthwhile when you understand the animal’s personality, feelings, actions, desire and motivation. You can even feel whether they are sad, happy, angry or annoyed. If you have a pet, you know that the connections you make with them are unforgettable.

My trust in and love for animals often helps me connect with people. It is my duty as an animal lover to honor their indestructible love and express my gratitude to them. They are an important part of the world and are not created just for our enjoyment.

Animals and humans

Animals deserve our respect and admiration. They are a peaceful company, do not speak incessantly, offer unsolicited advice, or worse, tell us what to do. Plus, they don’t necessarily need to text or call someone while you’re together.

And these wonderful creatures give us comfort in the unfortunate times of our lives. Whether you are experiencing harsh periods or experiencing stressful moments. You know they always bring you joy or a smile. Just knowing that animals love you and are always welcomed back home makes life so much easier and happier.

Also, I’m not the only person who values ​​animals against humans, especially when it comes to showing compassion and rescuing them. Research shows that people have greater empathy for an injured animal or abandoned puppy than an adult. Most of us are forced to care more about animals and babies and want to get involved.

Animals love more than you deserve

“I stand for animal rights and human rights. This is the whole human way.” – Abraham Lincoln

One of the best feelings you know if you have an animal is when you get home. It didn’t matter if you left for fifteen minutes; your pet is just happy to see you at home. Your animals are always waiting. There is no doubt that their world revolves around you, but without their love your world would not be the same.

So it is scientifically proven that animals love and make people happier and healthier. Knowing that they are always there for you during good and bad times means so much, doesn’t it?

I have no doubt that animals love better than humans. You and I can learn so much from them. But their unconditional love is something we can only try to compete with and compete with. So, be always kind to animals because they love you more than you deserve and more than humans will ever do.

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