Clues to determine what your dog thinks


Have you ever wondered what your dog thinks? Many dog ​​owners have thought about it. Dogs are very intelligent animals. These animals were longer than humans. When their friend leaves them, they feel pain, joy, and anxiety. They also exhibit emotions such as anger, excitement, contentment and love. These animals are also very loyal to their human counterparts.

There are several clues to determine what your dog is thinking. Some of these clues are obvious and usually involve your rage friends who need attention and food. Of course, dogs can’t talk to each other to help them understand what they are thinking. However, dogs use body language to convey what they think.

One way a dog uses a human friend to understand what is in his head is the way they run and tail. If your dog’s tail is down, it indicates that he or she is unhappy. Dogs also tails when they are happy and excited. The way a dog tails its tail can also be a sign of aggression. If your dog holds its tail in a high position and drooling, it may be a sign of aggression. So be aware, if your dog is wagging its tail by this method, it may mean you can bite.

The movement of your dog’s tail can mean many different emotions and what’s on their mind. Restraining the tail does not always mean they are happy. The way they hold their tail is a form of aggression.

Restraining the tail can mean they are excited and curious. The faster they wag their tail, the more excited they are. The speed at which your dog tails its tail can range from very slow to very fast. If their tail is straight up, it means they are very interested in something and ready to face anything that caught their attention.

Another piece of thinking that thinks about your dog is to monitor the position of their ears. If the ears are pointing straight up, they are pointing at something. They are very curious that someone is in the area. This can be caused by another dog nearby or the ability to contact people. If their ears are flat, it indicates that they are very satisfied, especially if they are hooked.


Learn how to identify what your bitter friends think will take some patience. Doing some research on this subject will also be very helpful.

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