Every dog ​​needs a home


I was amazed by this dog Rex because he treated my dogs very gently when he came to visit me. They seemed to get along really well. I wanted to know more about Shiba Inu. I had to research a little more about this dog breed. I asked my brother because he owns 2 of them.

I wondered why he was getting on the fence all the time. I also wondered why he would flee when he was called back home?

I found out that Shiba Inu would pay if he was given half a chance. It is a breed of dog that is very attached to its family members and cannot distance itself from them. To think of keeping a sibling in the yard or garage is a mistake, because such a brave, light-hearted dog will make loud noises and be destructive in such a situation. He will be charming and affectionate around his family but has a sense of humor about him when it comes to people’s teams. Growing and training Shiba Inu is very difficult. An uplifting, independent spirit must always be kept on a leash. He responds quickly and seeks prey to chase whatever moves. Do not try to persecute him as he can bypass and overtake anyone and often does. The Shiba are true runners.

Because my son was facing fine with the city for wandering a dog, Rex was given away to another family member and was in that household for 4 years. The daughter of this family then kept him with her until she left for university. She had to leave him for a long time for the dog. Rex was getting lonely. He was eating less and playing much less than usual. She had been coming home on a regular basis to chew things and garbage around the house. Rex tried to tell her he was alone. His destructive behavior was the only way he could inform her of her loneliness and boredom.

She was very sorry for Rex and asked us if we could take him home. My husband and I went to take him home with us. Bringing in our pull-up camper for the trip, Rex had a good night’s sleep with us one night before we arrived home.

My two dogs seemed to remember him and adopted him into our family. As a semi-retiree, every other weekend I have a lot of time to support him in the company and he seems to be adjusting pretty well right away. My husband is usually home on weekends, and my nephew, who lives upstairs, is also involved in his care.


My dogs are miniature schnauzers. One of them, named Zeke, 14, was diagnosed with spleen cancer in the summer and was in remission by the time Rex arrived. Sparky, for another – 10. They were together from puppies. So now we have a three dog night, I’m just ridiculous now.

Rex is 9 years old and had a visit. He is active in all his & # 39; shots. “He looks more relaxed and may be his age. With an adult dog, you can easily see what you have, and he, as an adult Shib Inu, has already proven to have no negative qualities.

Rex has a strong temperament. Shiba Inus is very bright, but they have a mind of their own. He loves sneaking toys and will hold up his right paw to shake for a treat. My son said he taught me that. The only thing I had to get used to was heavy praying. These Shiba Inus are slightly sinking throughout the year. About three weeks in the spring and three weeks in the fall, according to my brother, these dogs miss a lot. We found this to be true when we brought Rex home. I had to be sure that my hair and fur on my clothes and furniture would be neat, as my miniature schnauzers didn’t suck. Rex regularly brushes the nephew. I’m already attached to Rex. We had a wonderful Christmas when everyone else in the family came and brought their dogs. That weekend went really well.

After Christmas, mid-January, Zeke suffered a stroke. He’s missed, but Sparky owns Rex and it’s called Joy.

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