Great ways to use essential oils on your dog


Here are some easy ways to prevent health problems for your dog. Young Living essential oil products are natural ways to promote health, naturally prevent pests and help stop tooth decay. Remember that not all brands of essential oils are recycled to Young Living standards, and using other brands will not benefit you and may harm your pet.

I am a dog breeder and I can try essential oils and then view the results. I went to a lot of classes, read a lot of books, listened to a lot of podcasts about essential oils. I was happy to chat with a few holistic vets who use essential oils. I have tried the suggested programs and found firsthand if the tools are good solutions.

These solutions have many benefits without the cost of expensive vets or the side effects of artificial products. Here are some of my Young Living products I’ve tried. The results exceeded my expectations. One big advantage is that I no longer apply unnecessary poison to my dogs or I adsorb toxic substances myself.

Cleansing is a blend of Young Living essential oils that is great for cleaning your dog’s ears. Apply a cleaning drop to the palm of your hand, apply the tip of the Q tip, then clean the dog’s ear. Repeat the procedure with the new Q ear tip for the other ear. Repeat daily until the Q tip is free of dirt. It instantly kills ear mites. Dr. Melissa Shelton, DVM, preformed the tests and saw the ear mites die when she cleaned the microscope slide. Spreading or spray cleaning on their bedding kills pests, disinfects and protects your home from stains without the use of harmful chemicals.

Lavender is a natural solution to tear dyeing. Apply a drop in the palm of your hand once a day, then use your index finger to apply the drop through your dog’s upper bridge of the nose, just below his eyes. Lavender blocks the gutter and kills bacteria caused by tearing.

I have a couple of dogs that have eye contact from hunting, socializing with other pets, or other problems. Doctor Melissa Shelton, DVM, told me about a dog who was a last chance candidate with eye problems. She used lavender mixed with water and she managed to solve her eye problem. I mixed 8 drops of lavender solution to 8 ounces of steamed distilled water and a sachet of sodium chloride / sodium bicarbonate usp. The pack contains ½ teaspoon. You can purchase sodium chloride / sodium bicarbonate usp grade at Walgreen store or online; it is used to flush the sinus of the neti pot. It is an emulsifier and prevents the solution from separating as oil and water do not mix. If you do not use an emulsifier, you should shake the solution each time before use. The mixture is similar to human eye wash solutions. Pour the mixture into a glass spray bottle. Apply the solution to the affected eye 2-3 times a day and watch for healing to begin.


Curly, the eye of our English Springer was overwhelming from a hunting accident that occurred in 2006 at the age of eight. The eye kept getting bigger and it looked like it was almost bursting. I was sure he would need surgery and he might lose his eye. I started using the solution and his eyes got back to normal size and the cataract got smaller. It’s great.

This solution repels pests, alleviates skin problems and makes their fur soft. It also relieves aching muscles. I mix 1 drop of lavender and 1 drop of peppermint to 1 ounce of steamed distilled water. Then apply a drop of Young Living Bath and Shower Gel Base as an emulsifier to 6 ounces of water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution weekly or as needed, then massage your fingers up the spine of the dog. Your dog will love this routine.

Thieves, another Young Living blend, is a great help to prevent tooth decay. In a 4-ounce glass spray bottle, I mix 2 drops of thieves to 1 ounce of evaporated distilled water. At night I use the solution to spray on my dog’s upper gums and teeth. Lift the upper lip on each side of the dog’s mouth and spray the solution on the teeth. Thieves kill the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Thieves boost your dog’s immune system, a natural antibiotic. Antibiotics made from drugs kill both bad and good bacteria. You will need to develop good bacteria using probiotics such as Life 5, yogurt, kefir, etc. if you are taking man-made antibiotics. The solution to thieves is a cheaper, easier and healthier way to brush your teeth every day or take your dog to the vet for the recommended 6 months of brushing.

Start learning by reading labels, then search your computer for ingredients in the browser search bar. I use Young Living Animal Scent Shampoo to bathe my animals. It contains essential oils that cleanse and repel pests without damaging the side effects of other pet shampoos. It does not contain any cancer-causing ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate found in most shampoos. It can be used as needed, and not just once every 30 days, as stated in most pet shampoos.

Another great product from Young Living is an animal scent grease. I used it to heal wounds. Hunting dogs get scabies and incisions when hunting. I turn to their sores and their wounds heal faster. It’s wonderful to apply dew nails or tails. This speeds up the healing process and prevents infections. I apply ointment to my cuticles at night because I need to wash my hands frequently; ointment heals my dry hands faster than other products I have used before. Also, there are no toxic substances.

Another exclusive product is Young Living Thieves. I used this to clean my kennels. Mix 30 tbsp. of water to 1 ounce. the thief takes the household cleaner to the spray bottle and sprays it to the kennel. It kills germs, bacteria and is safe for dogs even if they lick their feet. I don’t need to remove their water or food, thieves are a natural product that is safe to swallow. I don’t need to rinse or let the air dry. It does not burn my lungs or irritate my skin. I remove the dog by spraying the solution; it contains cinnamon and can irritate their eyes until the fog has settled, which only takes a few seconds.


The author provides information and opinions, not as a substitute for prevention, diagnosis or treatment in occupational medicine. It is advisable to consult with a veterinarian trained in the use of essential oils before taking any home remedies or supplements or after performing any of the suggested treatments. Your veterinarian can advise you on what is considered safe and effective for your pet’s unique needs, or diagnose your animal’s medical history.

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