Intuitive Animal Medicine and Intuitive Animal Diagnosis and Treatment


If you are an animal lover, you think animals and pets are human too. Therefore, if a person can turn to medical intuition, why shouldn’t an animal have medical intuition?
The good news is, there is!

Animal medicine intuitively uses the same methods that medical intuitive drugs use in humans.

An animal body scan is the common name for an animal body energy scan. Reiki, Healing Touch Animals, Tellington TTouch, and other energy medicine practitioners use their hands to determine whether an animal has any energy blockages or energy imbalances.

Medical intuitive animal scanning is similar to that used in humans. Practicing not only the energetic touch of their hand but also using their intuition adds to their knowledge of animal health issues.

AMIDI, Intuitive Diagnostic Imaging ™ is an animal body scanning process that looks at the animal’s body to see and diagnose current disorders and future health problems. The doctor uses an intuitive form of x-ray vision to look beneath the animal’s skin to determine the bioenergy patterns that create and cause the animal to malfunction.

While each practitioner can develop their own body scanning system over time, the colors of the disease models remain the same. Each color represents the scientifically documented vibration frequency first discovered and used by Dr. Valerie Hunt and Roslyn Bruyere. In Barbara Brennan’s books, she discusses the significance of the different colors used for healing and other color systems that emerge in the aura field.


For example, blue hues denote pain energy ranges and orange / yellow denote the frequency ranges of the immune system frequency.

While intuitive animals may have a variety of personal signals of conversion, the documented range of vibration frequencies of a specific dye in humans or animals never changes. The presentation of a bioenergy model in animals can sometimes vary because their frequency range is lower than in humans.

It is important to note that the nature of the disease also remains the same, since animals (dogs, cats, horses) have the same underlying disorders as humans, although they are specific to their anatomical and organ system. Example: The heel or the human knee are both joints. Colic, kidney failure, pancreatitis are the same in both humans and animals. For decades, pig heart valves have replaced human heart valves, further demonstrating that we are all connected.

Pets have a lower frequency range. Therefore, the colors of their bioenergy disease model may be presented in different order. Template bases begin at the lowest density frequency closest to the organ, tissue, cell, or nerve, and are at the highest frequency as the top layer.

Practitioners can be frustrated with such a confusing interpretation and misunderstand that it is a different energy energy model. Veterans of Intuitive Diagnostics in Veterinary Medicine understand that this is simply a different representation of the bioenergy accumulation model for that particular disease.

Given that AMIDI is a new field of animal medical intuitive diagnostics, it is best that prospective professionals work as a certified practitioner. It is important to build a credibility base so that the pet’s caregiver is not misinformed and frightened by the misdiagnosis that can ruin a client’s life. The supervised practice and field experience will contribute, document and create a quality-based knowledge base for the new AMIDI specialist.

From the overall animal body scanning process to the ultra-detailed and comprehensive AIDI, all the various methods of animal intuitive medical assessment contribute to and provide greater understanding to pet caregivers in selecting the best treatments and procedures for their pets. Pet Healing Journey.

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