Pine Cat Litter – Pros and Cons

Pine Cat



The pine cat litter is one of the newer litters on the market. Unlike traditional clay or even newer furry litters, pine litter has a unique odor control due to its natural pine odor control properties. Therefore, it has become popular with cat owners because it greatly reduces the odor of boxes in the home.

Initially, many people were delayed by expenses. And compared to the grueling variety, it’s probably about twice the price. However, it works by using pine pellets, which are compressed wood, and when these pellets warm up, they turn into sawdust. The sawdust itself can actually absorb even more liquid. Therefore, in terms of use, it is almost as economical as traditional types.

However, there is one drawback, which is that many cats do not like to use it. The pellets themselves can be rough on their feet, and many cats never get used to it. Therefore, your cat’s opinion will surely be the most important element when it comes to choosing the type of puppy you will use. However, if your cat seems to be avoiding litter at first, you may want to take a break. Mix regular cat litter with pine, starting with a small amount of pine and a larger amount of regular litter. Gradually reduce the amount of regular beans and increase the amount of pines you use until you have used up all the pine litter. Many cats are used to using pine in this way, although some do not. If your cat, of course not, then this will not be for you. Obviously there is no benefit if the cat does not even use the box.

Some cat owners prefer to use pines with a small amount of traditional litter sprinkled on them permanently. This gives them control over the smell of pine litter and its benefits, but at the same time it will be convenient for cats to use the box if they do not like the pine.


One of the biggest concerns of pine litter is that it smells pretty pine. While this is nice for humans, it can be unpleasant for sensitive cat noses. Therefore, this litter may not be what your cat likes because of the odor it emits. You should know that litter itself is no longer toxic with pine oils. They have all been removed and the cats are completely safe to use.

Finally, if you live in a place where your litter can be composted, pine cat litter is a compostable material when feces are removed. This can be an environmental advantage when using pines compared to other types of litter. The final word, of course, will come from your cat. If he or she likes it, then it’s a good and economical way to control the smell at home and make the box more comfortable to clean. If he or she does not, you will probably need to follow a normal litter.

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