Short facts about Siamese cats


Siamese cats are a very beautiful, intelligent and playful breed of cat. They can interact with their peers and enjoy spending time with them. They can be easily recognized by their different body types and fun personalities. Siamese cats have a wide range of skin colors and markings. Let’s look at more interesting facts about them.

The Siamese cat comes from Thailand, formerly known as Siam. They are one of the oldest breeds of pet cats. Here they were considered members of the royal family. You can depict them in ancient manuscripts dating back to 1350. This exposure has generated so much interest, and the popularity of the Siamese cat has grown.

These cats can create a variety of voice sounds. It helps them to express what they want to their owners. Siamese are not known for being very affectionate but love people. They are very smart cats and can be taught simple tricks such as bring.

Siamese kittens are born white. They create their markup in about four weeks. Their colors will appear on the cooler parts of the body. This is the result of a partial heat-sensitive albinism gene in their body. As they age, their color will darken.

Siamese cats live the longest time in domestic cats. They call it alive under 20 years. Siamese is a relatively healthy cat with several problems. These cats usually have gum problems, so you will need to brush your teeth weekly. You may need to see a veterinarian if their mouth is irritated.

These cats have beautiful blue eyes, cream-colored coats, and dark markings on their coats called dots. This family has extensive color notation. Stamp dots have dark brown marks while others may have blue dots with gray marks. They can also vary – from chocolate dots to reds and even lilac dots.


There are also different body types for these fashionable cats. The traditional apple head has a round head similar to an apple and is the largest variety. Smaller cats with a triangular face are part of the classic breed. The Wedgehead or Modern breed has a look that is a combination of classic and traditional. All breeds have long noses, pointed ears and a slender body.

Siamese cats love companionship. They become very attached to their owners and do not behave well if left alone for long hours. Having a playmate or cat sitter for those extra long days will help your kitten stay happy.

The Siamese cat is a popular breed for many reasons. Because of their very social behavior, they can be searched by many families. Once at home, they will truly bring joy to your family.

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