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The Year That Almost Wasn’t

One of the few times each year I write a post without worrying about SEO is my year in recap. Why?

Because it’s FASCINATING to have these since 2007 to see how my training has changed, my business and my life. I’ve lived so many places and run all over the world.

2020 was poised to be EPIC.

A book tour, so many new runners to meet and a whole new way to think about the way I could help more runners…but you know what happened a week after my book launch. That pesky pandemic.

2020 Changed My Business

Once the shock wore off of derailing my plans for the foreseeable future, it gave me time to focus on Run To The Finish in other ways!

  • Virtual Run Club added over 300 runners – meaning I can help so many more people who wouldn’t have previously had coaching access.
  • We added 20 new runners to our 1-1 coaching and added a new coach!
  • The book has gone around the world and I’ve gotten some of the nicest messages letting me know that it’s changed the way people feel about their running.
  • I spent a lot more time improving content across all areas of Run To The Finish.
  • I’ve taken 2 new coaching courses to help continue improving the value I provide.
  • I started a super secret, but exciting project that will help sooooo many runners starting April 2021.

It was a strong year that gave me additional confidence for what we can continue to achieve.

2020 The Highlights

Like most of you, I struggled in different ways on different days this year. Not seeing my parents when I hoped, not doing holidays together, missing out on celebrating birthdays and races and ohhh the travel.

BUT there were some pretty great moments too.

Running Triumphs

I had my highest mileage year ever!!!

And I was injury free. And I was focused on fueling enough. And I felt great and my bloodwork said healthy!

Early in the Pandemic, I needed to get outside and away from the TV. Slowly the miles kept adding up and once it became clear the Chicago marathon wouldn’t happen, I figured I might as well take advantage of the base and tackle a long time goal of doing an ultramarathon!

I did it solo.
I did it on the roads.
It was amazing and hard and there were lots of tears.ultramarathon bib

Costa Rica Adventures

I got to enjoy seeing my parents together in a new country.

It was pretty spectacular the trip they planned for a full month and then to go rappel through some waterfalls with my Dad and David, cherished memory.

I also tried surfing for the first time!! I’m horrible, my knees were bruised for days and we laughed for hours and hours…it was perfect.rappelling tour in Jaco

Book Tour

I managed to kick things off at the Olympic Trials in Atlanta, then had over 100 people at the launch in Denver and another fun run in Los Angeles….before I had to cancel everything else. Atlanta Book Tour

We found a NEW House

After selling our house in 2019, we spent 8 months on the hunt for a new one and it paid off.

I’m so in love with our new space and really enjoy being here to work all day long. Shut down be danged, I’ve got a hot tub, a gym and heated bathroom floors.


Linked years are a recap from that year! Unfortunately, I didn’t start digitally tracking til half way through 2007, which means I’m not 100% of my numbers for the first 5 years of my running career. I’d love to know what my true total is (but know it’s over 26,000 miles)!

As noted before I don’t look at monthly or weekly mileage until December hits then I become curious. This year, I was quite literally blown away to see it was my biggest year of running ever.

2008: 1423.3
2009: 1277.7
2010: 1600.3
2011: 1600.3
2012: 1458.5
2013: 1618.3
2014: 1603
2015: 1571.5
2016: 1626.2
2017: 847 (knee surgery)
2018: 1364.2
2019: 1576
2020: 1900

Highest Month: August – 200.6 – The only time I’ve ever broken 200 miles.

Lowest Month: October – 86  – I tried to really listen to my body after the Ultramarathon and recover.

Biking Swimming Cardio Walk/Hike Strength/Yoga/PT
2020 14 hours 0 7 hours 795 miles 75 hours
2019 20 hours 0 2 hours 930 miles 83 hours
2018 40 hours 0 8 hours 1033 miles 62 hours
2017 100 hours 0 5 hours 820 miles 180 hours
2016 14 hours 0 20 hours  790 miles 110 hours
2015 12 hours 0 70 hours 730 miles 118 hours
2014 45 hours 0 5 hours? 690 miles 90 hours
2013 58 hours 1 hour 13 hours? 560 miles 120 hours
2012 70 hours 3 hours unsure 620 miles 100 hours
2011 42 hours 2 hours 29 hours 980 miles 137 hours
2010 13 hours 3 hours 30 hours 1068 miles 86 hours

Not sure why strength looks lower, I know that I actually lifted heavier and often up to 3 days a week this year. Either way, I know I’m 100% stronger!

And while I did less of my normal daily walks, I think that’s because I was tired from all those long runs.

States Run in: 2 (CO, CA) + Costa Rica  — lowest total in eons!

Longest Run: 31 miles!!! My first ultramarathon – done solo.

Most interesting run:
I mean running that ultra…but we know how much I love traveling right?

So instead, I’m going with my daily morning run while in Costa Rica. I was able to run down to the water and then along a dirt road under the palm trees. It was zen.Most exciting #runnerd moment:
Watching the Olympic marathon trials in person was INCREDIBLE. Seeing the way their legs move and the joy that so many of the runners had.

Also, yes when anyone wants me to sign their book…and this…Dean Karnazes…wow.How did this year compare?
A laughable question on many levels. But fitness wise, I feel stronger and fitter than I have in a long time. My long runs were joyful and now I’m working on speed and that feels good too.

Best race: I didn’t get to do a single race!!!

Favorite gear: My hydration pack logged a lot of miles with me, but it’s old gear so… my favorite new gear is 100% my Polar Vantage V. It’s just so dang accurate for HR and I love the screens.

Goal for next year?
I’m not huge on setting year long goals, but because I’ve been working so hard on some things, I will put it out there for the Universe!

  1. Set at least 1 PR
  2. Grow the Virtual Run Club to help more runners
  3. Find 5-6 long term brand partners (I have a few already) and truly feel excellent about sharing them
  4. Create more content on RTTF to answer questions
  5. Get a second book deal!!! Ok or at least see the book translated in to one more language.

There you have it, my year in holy cow, my reflections and maybe something of use for you too. I hope you’re feeling optimistic about your 2021 running.

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