Tips For Entertaining Pet Cats


Most cat lovers are supporters of interactive play with their pets. But many of them cannot be around all the time. There are definitely ways to let your friends have fun, but be safe when you can’t be there to look after them.

Accept a friend

Contrary to other people, cats are not alone. These are social animals that love to have a friend, especially when they are adopted with one another as young. Two cats can entertain each other when you are not. They fight each other instead of focusing on the plunder of your couch.

Deliver cheap pleasures

Cats don’t care about the money you spend on them. They can find entertainment in an empty box or paper bag. Leaving the ping pong ball in the empty bathtub will allow them to wiggle their paws. The tub also prevents them from running under the furniture. Go for light toys that make noise and are easily tricked. Adding cat trees or tunnels will keep cats busy and enrich the environment. Give fresh catnip so your cat has an all time record. They will damage it and keep you from breaking.

Give her a Kitty TV


DVD and kitty channels offer plenty of visual entertainment for cats. However, many cats would rather watch something real. Place a bird bath and a few feeders at the sight of your favorite cat to spend long hours of fun.

Different types of play

Social game is a game with other cats or humans. This can mean playing labels with siblings or grabbing your toes. Kittens from 9 to 16 weeks are very active in social games, and then decline.

The object is played with toys. For cats, a toy can be anything, even breaking small henna on your desk. Their play behavior is stimulated by sound and movement, and cats tend to respond to vertical movement in non-response lines.

A stand-alone performance is a game with you, such as chasing a tail or beating on trust objects. This happens when they do not have a playmate and are an alternative to social play.

The locomotive is when the cat just moves. This can include solo running and shouting for goals you can trust or involving others.

The point is, cats play to have fun. It is normal for them to take playing time seriously. While some cats are more playful than others, all cats benefit from all the fun and play in terms of physical and emotional well-being. If you travel, plan ahead and buy special toys for your cat. That way, your kitten can even influence you to leave.

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