Tips For Running With A Spouse (No frustration or fighting, just fun!)

Are you a couple that rarely fights? Try working out together…someone gets frustrated, someone gets tired, someone huffs and puffs till they blow your little house down.

All right not all workouts go this way, but I’ve seen it happen to many otherwise happy couples and if this were a poker blog, I’d even be taking bets on the % of you that have gone through this at some point. 

Since runners know that on any given day you could feel amazing or just plain tuckered out, it’s not surprising that this can lead to frustrations.Race day or just for training these 6 tips for running with your spouse will prevent the fighting and frustrationHere are a few tips to enjoy running with a spouse or anyone loved one really (because let’s be honest it’s easier to be cranky with them than new friends!)…these are tips that David and I have cultivated over the years.

We don’t train together a ton simply due to different preferences in time, like he can’t imagine how I move my body at 5AM and I don’t want to start running at 7PM.

Know Thyself: In most relationships one person happens to be the faster runner. Know which one you are and be respectful of where the other person is in their journey!

Decide on a leader: Who feels the best that day or who has been doing more running? Let them lead the course you are going to take. Additionally when you are on the sidewalk and can’t continually be next to each other it will keep you from constantly wondering if they have drifted off.

Hand signals: If you are going to turn at the corner, gesture to it and a direction before you get there. This prevents needless bump and grid or issues because they can’t hear you over their iPod.Tips for running with a significant otherYup probably annoys him that I prefer to sip off his hydration pack when we hike and bike…but then I’m the one carrying water when we run!

Discuss a goal: Set a goal for the run before you start…is it a nice easy 30 minute run? Or are you hoping to push the pace? If it’s a nice easy 3 miler, but you are feeling awesome then after 3 miles say “hey I’m going to tack on a few more at a faster pace because I feel great. Do you want to come?” Thus they have the option to stop without feeling like they are being dumped. Communication is key to any good relationship, right?

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Music: Some folks can chat away the miles..others don’t care to speak once they start running. David and I have found a great comprise where we chat for the 1/2 mile warm up walk and 1/2 mile cool down walk, but plug in our iPods during the run. Just know before you go how the other wants to workout and be prepared to be ok with it.

Encouragement Style: Everyone has a slightly different way they like to be encouraged. Some people like the intense “come on you can go a little faster” and some people like me would punch you in the face. Some people like to hear “you look strong, good job” and some would give you the side eye. Figure out what motivates you and check with your partner to find out their encouragement language before you start handing out “we’re almost there’s“.

I love Thinking Out Loud with you on Thursdays, so chime in!

Do you run with your significant other?

What tips would you add?

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