Why do we love cats so much?


Kittens are immeasurably cute. If you have a bad day and you go to the kitten, I know they will make you feel better. Occasionally you will smile because who can resist their charm? Nothing.

Each cat has its own distinctive features and personalities. They feel like little people with one or two cats, and we treat them like that.

When cats, as their owners, only want their ‘me time’, this is the time when you think you would like their attention.

And you get really excited when they want your attention. They probably want you to use to rub or stroke your belly, but it still makes you feel good.

Cats are natural activists, though they choose the premises. When they are clearly not paying attention to you or asleep, they may just decide to knock a few things off your tables because they know they can. They would move around the house, throwing things, trying to settle in small spaces, or even visit your laundry room to quickly “let me sit on this robe and scare my human activities.” Whatever they do, we always love them.

There are many reasons why so many people like to have dogs – they will always greet their owners at the door, they will love the attention and attention of the owners and they will always be happy to have their owners around – there are almost none. similar to cats. Many people think that cats do not like to hang around with their owners at home, but we know them best with cats. We know they are not as antisocial as their reputation was before.


For those of us, including ourselves, who have one or more cats at home, we can safely say that we rarely actually feel alone. Those fluffy little things are pious. I am so attached to mine that I do not think I can live without cats anymore.

Even when my cat wants to be alone and refuses to communicate with me – since cats don’t interact with humans as much as dogs do, just knowing that my cat is with me is enough comfort to make me understand the day.

There would be times when my cat would behave annoyingly, and even if what he did was wrong and he deserved to be punished, I would still forgive him. How could I not? Cats are the cutest when they get angry.

Like any other pet, cats also feel like a child – even older. For people who like to take care of their children or any children, cats also feel similar to them in some ways:

  • They need you constantly;
  • They always need your attention and love;
  • They are always happy when you care for them.

Bottom line, having a cat is a great bonus for those who love to be needed and appreciated.

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