Why your cat is even more interesting than you knew


Because cats are so adorable, they can brighten your day with fun antiques. Sometimes they do weird things that only a cat can imagine and you will never understand what they are thinking. If you happen to have a pet cat, you know for sure what I’m talking about. However, if you don’t have a cat but plan to get one, you should realize that this can be a wonderful experience that will always make you smile.

The many facts that will allow you to discover new things about cats and make you laugh are:

  • Cats have been found to only laugh at humans and rarely at other cats.
  • Cats are capable of producing 100 voices, while dogs are only 10.
  • If you talk to your cat more often, she will do the same.
  • Kittens start dreaming when they are over a week old.
  • Pet cats sleep for up to 14 hours, allowing energy to be stored.
  • Thirty percent (30%) of cats wake up time under supervision.
  • If you notice a cat’s tail trembling beside you, this is just a way to express her love and affection.
  • Cats eyes are closed as soon as they are happy.
  • Do you ever wonder why you can’t get cat food for mice? The reason is that cats who tried this kind of food did not like the taste.
  • Cats are known to clean themselves immediately after eating. Instincts need to get rid of the smell of food so that predators avoid the odor and flee after them.
  • Cats see clear vision at night as their eyes reflect light.
  • You should be proud of your cat licking you so much that it shows that she feels protected when you are nearby and considers you a family member.
  • The cat should first ignore the cat to understand how she feels alienated.
  • You can teach cats how to use the toilet as their litter box and even flush it when they are done.
  • If your cat is giving you a dead prey, don’t be sad. Instead, thank her because she thinks it’s your gift to you.
  • Most cats turn to their owners, who talk on the phone, and moan as if to join the conversation.
  • Indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats.
  • The cat will not use dirty litter bins, but rather wait for it to be cleaned.
  • A cat cannot be forced to do things she does not like.
  • Cats are never on the right side of closed doors.
  • Each cat’s ear has about 30 muscles. Each ear can rotate 180 degrees and requires 12 muscles to move.
  • To show their affection, cats usually wrap a curly tail tip around the owner’s hand.
  • When a cat is scared or angry, its tail will stand out like a shrub to look bigger and more threatening.
  • The curious cat will always find a challenge with the door closed. For this reason, your cat likes to accompany you in your bathroom.

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