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  • Why are cat urine stains worse in warm weather?

    In the United States, spring is finally here. If you have had a cat urine smell since last fall or winter and think that you have thoroughly cleaned up every puddle, you may find other conditions, and now the heat and humidity have recovered. This article briefly describes the different components of cat urine and […]

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    How to bite your baby for the first time

      For young horses, this is a big deal when they are bitten and mouthed for the first time, so it’s a good idea to do this as soon as possible (inside reason). For them, it is a bit of a foreign object in their mouth that they can’t get rid of. In some cases, […]

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    Dog knotting – the real definition

    Dog knots can mean a lot of different things. Some of them are quite abnormal, others are more useful. This article is especially about the true definition of dog knots or dog knots and what it is. When a bitch is in a hot state and a male dog is near her, the two will […]

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    German shorthaired pointer – the pros and cons of having this versatile pet

    Advantages and disadvantages of having German shorthaired pointers The German Shorthaired Pointer will be a great pet and a good hunting partner. It is a particularly good hound because they can be recycled on land and in water. This well-balanced dog is perfect for those looking for outdoor and family pets. Consider the following information […]

  • Wildcats – what if they live near you

    If you live in a rural or even suburban environment, you may live near wild cats – those who seem to need some human help, rough wild cats, will only run away when approaching. These cats are not tamed and are never willing to be domestic cats. They are fully capable of living alone, whether […]

  • How smart is the cat?

    Among all pets, the cat may be the fastest learning because it can acquire and retain information to find a solution to the problem. When an adult cat is placed in an unprecedented room, every corner and corner is inspected with the help of its instincts. According to behaviorists, the need for such “basic research” […]

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