Why are cat urine stains worse in warm weather?


In the United States, spring is finally here. If you have had a cat urine smell since last fall or winter and think that you have thoroughly cleaned up every puddle, you may find other conditions, and now the heat and humidity have recovered.

This article briefly describes the different components of cat urine and why it smells worse in warm weather. This article also discusses the most effective cleaning solutions to permanently eliminate odors and stains.

It is difficult to get rid of cat urine stains because it has five different bacterial strains. Two of them are related to the marked smell of the cat. Others are cat sprays, urine and uric acid.

The sticky, sticky part of cat urine is urea. The pigment is urinary red, then has uric acid crystals that look like salt.

The first two components are easy to clean. This is uric acid, its crystals and salt will linger, resulting in a continuous cat urine smell. These crystals are insoluble and bind tightly to any substance they land on. That’s why you can’t successfully eliminate the smell of cat urine with ordinary household cleaners.

The crystal is reactivated by moisture. That’s why the cat’s urine tastes stronger in hot weather – the moisture in the air reacts with the crystal, and you smell the cat’s urine stains again – even if you have cleaned and cleaned that particular place.


In order to completely eliminate odors and stains, the crystals must be removed from the surface they insist on. The only effective cleaning solution is the pet enzyme cleaner, which is specifically designed to attack cat urine.

These cleansers are special enzyme formulas that consume bacterial ingredients – ultimately removing odors and stains. Ordinary household cleaners do not contain enzymes because most of the confounders do not contain uric acid.

Your local pet store has several famous pet enzyme cleaners. Read the instructions carefully and follow the instructions exactly for best results. If the stain is very old, it will need to be applied multiple times to completely eliminate stains and odors.

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