Dog Domination Behavior – Dog Jumping and Dog Mounting Problems


Among the many dog-dominated contexts that include perhaps more myths than any other are dog attachment issues and dog-degrading women. No, contrary to popular belief, these unpleasant dog instinctive behaviors have nothing to do with sex. How shameful for those who don’t know it!

“Don’t worry” I said to the bright red client as he watched his manly man trying to pin mine. Apparently, the client wanted to dig a hole and hide it. He was deadly! His dog continued aggressively trying to snuggle up and sniff at my crowd, especially going behind my head. (My good-natured, a big dog easily pulled it off.)

“Didn’t know my dog ​​was weird” he said very timidly and apologizing. I couldn’t stop my laughter because I reassured my husband that this wasn’t the case. How common is this misconception? In the dog world, there is no such thing as a “gay dog!”

Attaching one dog to another’s head or even not soothing his penis is quite common. The mounting dog is seriously trying to control everyone else. The unpleasant thing is to run your scent on another dog, to announce to everyone else that he has won the battle for this one.

Think about this fact: If a male dog mates a female, its equipment will not miss the target. He does not hide that he put it in the right place. If his intentions for another male dog were sexual, he would have been executed. Remember that his goal when running up from behind another dog is the TAIL CLOSED, not the tail. It’s NOT sexual! Getting on the other dog’s back puts the first dog above it. This is a reminder that, “Hey, you’re not the boss here!”

When the dog takes another head, it goes to one of the extreme examples of dominance in the dog world. The head is the highest part of the dog. With the head down, the dog comes down from the highest point. It all depends on what is above which.


When a dog does not protect his penis and secretes fluid, it forces the leaky dog ​​to carry the predominant odor. It has a very strong odor and persists for a while so the low rank becomes evident many miles away and even for other packages within the odor range.

Dogs are constantly trying to dominate each other. It is the dog’s instinctive behavior, between the rituals they undergo each time they meet each other. First the dogs will magnify each other through the eyes. If a person surrenders to lying down, the management manages to agree. If not, wrestling for dominance really starts.

While fighting for the dog’s predominant position, the dogs continue to mount each other until one turns over and turns their eyes. Until the eyes were fully turned, surrender was not possible, and the dreaded dog could try a covert attack on another. Beware!

We are homo sapiens usually prefers a game such as a rock scissors game, a mind game such as chess or Scrabble, or a socially acceptable ball. It is less embarrassing to the public eye.

You have sometimes seen dogs beating when dogs shout for position during wrestling or eye contact. Usually one dog raises its head above the other and the one with its lower head surrenders.

Of course, this is an instinctive behavior of a dog, ritual dogs often pass by. For all those interested, I recommend that you ask the experts and investigate this dog dominance behavior yourself. Dog crunching and dog fitting issues have nothing to do with sex and can be solved. Remember, there is no such thing as a “GOOD DOG!”

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