Natural remedies for cats with kidney disease


Kidney disease is a common problem in cats. It can be caused by many factors such as accidents, shock, old age or bacterial and viral infections. Natural remedies for cats with kidney disease can cure the disease and improve your cat’s quality of life.


Feed your cat with a special diet. Eat protein-rich, human-grade raw meat with small amounts of various herbs, fruits, grains, and vegetables. The raw meat diet lowers blood urea nitrogen – the protein waste product is excreted by the kidneys. Heat-treated animal proteins, such as those found in commercial foods, are more difficult to digest and create more waste to be removed by the kidneys. Such a diet causes more stress to the kidneys and causes more blood toxicity if the kidneys do not function properly. Crude protein, on the other hand, is more digested, with less waste being destroyed.

Gradually change your diet and be patient and persistent, especially if your cat is not accustomed to eating raw meat. Feed small amounts, but often to ease the burden on the kidneys. A small amount of salt can be added to the morning meal to replace the loss of salt caused by an imbalance in kidney function.

If your cat suffers from kidney failure, you should closely monitor the acid level in your diet. Honey is the best sugar to deal with in the kidneys, but do not give more than half a teaspoon a day. Dilute honey in spring water and add 1/3 teaspoon apple cider vinegar.



The best way to take natural kidney medicines is to prepare tisan (herbal tea). Useful herbs include parsley, shepherd’s purse, golden wand, cutters, yarrow, yarrow, donkey, marigold and nettle. To make the solution, use one teaspoon of the necessary herbs and pour 150ml of boiling water on them. Leave to be infused for one minute. For all kidney problems, you should take four drops four times a day.

Parsley has a cleansing and toning effect on the system, so offer your cat fresh chopped parsley. If she doesn’t accept it, prepare a parsley tisana. Parsley tisan is so useful that it should be administered in combination with all other means.

If there is blood in your urine, give the shepherd a purse and a golden stick. If your cat suffers from kidney hardening, make a titanium gold stick, slicer, yellow bun and yarrow titanium. Add half a teaspoon of Swedish bitterness to the solution. If you want kidney gravel, soak the barley water and give one drop before each meal. In case of kidney failure due to accident or shock, give a golden stick, horse tail, yellow grits and St. John’s wort tisana.

Many forms of chronic renal failure are the end result of kidney infections or toxins. However, the typical form of chronic renal failure is the result of aging. Chronic renal failure can be treated with solutions of horsetail and yellow dead urticaria. This will help older cats with sluggish liver. For acute kidney disease caused by bacterial, viral infection, use horsetail, calendula, nettle nettle and cut the tisana. This recipe will also be useful for cats with kidney failure due to serious injuries or major surgery.

For a cat with kidney failure, maintaining proper hydration is key. Offer plenty of fresh water. If your cat is not a great water drinker, add liquid to her food. The purpose is to promote diuresis, which is to flush the body with fluids to make more urine and facilitate waste removal.

These natural remedies are effective for cats with kidney disease. They are safe and will improve kidney function.

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